Meet the Stylist: RENEE EDMONDS

Same Person. Same Hair. Different Styles.

Renee Edmonds has been wearing TwistyLocks since 1998. She knows exactly what the needs of the professional women/men are in the workplace and has dedicated herself to making sure you enjoy your TwistyLocks experience as much as she enjoys her TwistyLocks every day. Renee is not just the owner, she is also a client, a professional and a lover of all things natural. She is available for private and public appearances, speaking engagements and modeling events in the Natural/Wellness Lifestyle.
Please email and describe the event that you are interested in booking:

  • Vegan/Vegetarian Diet
  • Detox/Juicing Plans
  • Exercise/Fitness Plans
  • Spokesmodel for TwistyLocks
  • Corporate and Church Events
  • Private Consultations

Enjoy the many hair stages, styles and faces of your stylist ...

Renee Edmonds, SpokesModel for TwistyLocks

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