Invest in the Health and Growth of your 'Own' Natural Hair ... Because You’re Worth it!

The TwistyLocks installation process requires professional stylists who are highly skilled to produce precision detailed quality work because the technique is done mostly by hand and it can take 8 hours or more to install.

(Time depends on your texture, thickness and length of your hair).

The TwistyLocks process can be long, however, it is completely worth the time and investment required to achieve a beautiful mane of locks.

TwistyLocks will have a beautiful appearance immediately after they have been installed and your hair will look like micro-twists or micro-braids during the beginning stages of the locking process.


  • TwistyLocks Installation: $500 and up.
    Cost will be determined by length, thickness and texture of hair.
  • TwistyLocks maintenance: $150 and up.
    Cost will be determined by new growth, grooming and repair.
  • Converting to TwistyLocks: $180 and up.
    Cost will be determined by condition of locs and new growth.

In order to get an accurate quote, please schedule a consultation online. We have discounts, down-payment plans, and a complete rate sheet for any other services you may require. Thank you.

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