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TwistyLocks is one type of method used to start off locs. We use your “own” natural hair that is intertwined to form beautiful uniformed locs. There are no weaves, no extensions and no added hair used to install TwistyLocks. TwistyLocks are perfect for women who love their natural hair textures but are still looking for care-free ways to manage and grow healthy, flowing, long beautiful hair.

The TwistyLocks Technique forms beautiful, healthy, uniformed, tightly interwoven locs by using a perfected combination of “two-strand twists” and “Interlocking” that produces the initial appearance of beautiful micro two-strand twists.

Thus was born the name TwistyLocks…”Where locks look like Twists”.

The TwistyLocks technique are still locs and require regular maintenance to keep a neat, professional appearance. However, the technique used requires less manipulation at the base of the scalp which creates healthy, strong locs to prevent breakage. The technique used also requires no use of any added hair, glue, wax, gels or heavy oil based products, which creates very light and free flowing TwistyLocks. TwistyLocks are designed to work with naturally curly hair textures [hair textures that don’t like combs ☺]. The tighter the curls (coils) the better the hair will flourish with the TwistyLocks Technique.

TwistyLocks is a hairstyle and all hairstyles can be changed. Therefore, we have a dual answer to this question to help ease the fears of the permanency of TwistyLocks. Yes and No.

Yes. The goal of all locking methods is for your hair to stay intertwined to form a lock. The ultimate goal for most clients is to see their hair form into a permanent lock that will not un-ravel or become frizzy during a shampoo treatment. During the locking process, the new growth has to be maintained regularly or the hair will form a small afro underneath the locks. The constant new growth is the reason that TwistyLocks is really not as permanent as it appears and why this is a dual response.

No. TwistyLocks is still a hairstyle. Even though the hair shaft may have gone through the locking process, the new growth is still in its natural (afro) state. The new growth always gives clients the option to change their hair at any time. Many clients who change their TwistyLocks style, choose to grow it out over time, instead of drastically cutting off their locks or going through the tedious process to undo the locks.

So enjoy TwistyLocks hairstyle, you can keep it for 2 years, 5 years, 10 years or forever…just remember you always have options to change your style even though we know you will LOVE your TwistyLocks for a very long time.

The TwistyLocks technique is painless process which eliminates the potential damages of thinning and breakage that is commonly associated with other interlocking or traditional locking methods. In fact, one unique aspect of the TwistyLocks method is that there is no excessive pulling at the base of the scalp which is great for children and clients who are tender headed. Ultimately you are in “good hands” with the professionals at the TwistyLock Shop and you will have a pleasant experience while having your natural curly hair textured styled.

No, you do NOT have to cut off your relaxed hair, if you are not ready to go through a drastic change from long to short hair, or from relaxed hair to an instant natural, we can work with you! If you want to slowly grow into your TwistyLocks, the process of trimming your relaxed hair as you go through the locking process allows you to maintain your length.

The TwistyLocks method is a nice change from the larger traditional size locks, if you are looking for a different look, or if you have had any problems with larger locks that are thinning at the base.

We ask clients with traditional locks to cut off their locks before we can begin TwistyLocks from the beginning. It is more difficult to merge into TwistyLocks because the traditional lock sizes are usually too large to have the micro-twistylocks style appearance.

Micro-twistylocks are stable and healthy. The size of your locks does NOT determine if your locks will break or snap off. Locks, (micro or traditional sizes) all require professional maintenance in order to be healthy and strong. Commonly locks will break or snap off due to lack of experience with lock touch-ups (i.e. over-twisting) or from clients being inconsistent with keeping up with the maintenance of their locks.

Locks stay healthy and strong through constant and consistent professional care. TwistyLock clients are provided with regular maintenance schedules to ensure that their micro-twistylocks do not suffer from breakage or thinning.

TwistyLocks do not take long considering the detailed work involved in creating micro-locks. However, you should be prepared to spend an equivalent amount of time as an average work day to get your hair done. The time will range from 6-8 hours per day. How many days it takes will be assessed once your hair is examined during the consultation. In order to provide timely and professional service the TwistyLock Shop will conduct all consultations and hair sessions by appointment only, ensuring you have the quality attention you deserve.

The initial cost for TwistyLocks varies from to client to client depending on hair length, texture and thickness. Therefore, a consultation is mandatory for each client in order to determine your cost.

The price range for TwistyLocks installation is between $500 up to $2,000. The average price is around $800.00. However, there really is not a set price because every client has different hair types. Schedule a consultation today and find out the exact cost of your TwistyLocks! Keep in mind we have payment plans, discounts and specials periodically.

The daily maintenance for TwistyLocks is looking in the mirror and saying, "I look so good, I can't stand myself!" Really, TwistyLocks have a freedom that you will enjoy inside and outside.

TwistyLock Shop suggests that you come back once a month to make sure that your locks are groomed, washed and touched-up efficiently. The cost will vary with your maintenance, depending on your hair texture. You will receive information on rates for your maintenance at your consultation.

YES. The styling options are limitless with TwistyLocks. Everything you could do with your hair before TwistyLocks you can still do plus much more. We recommend that you allow the TwistyLock Shop provide most of these services initially while the locks are in the infancy stage. However, once the locs have matured, you will have more freedom to do styles, shampooing, coloring at your own leisure.

Welcome to the TwistyLock Shop. We are located in Lilburn, GA. (approximately 10 minutes away from the Historic Stone Mountain Park Attraction). TwistyLocks are installed and maintained in a private, relaxing, professional environment with by appointment only sessions (No Walk-ins).

We are excited to get you started with TwistyLocks so you can discover both the freedom of going Natural and the Beauty of having TwistyLocks as your next hairstyle!

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