Benefits of TwistyLocks

There is Nothing Dreadful, About TwistyLocks

The benefits in using the Twistylocks Technique over other locking methods is the following:

  • TwistyLocks are made into micro (or) small sizes that will keep your locks strong and healthy.
  • TwistyLocks can be shampooed during the beginning phase of the locking process allowing your hair to stay clean and healthy.
  • TwistyLocks are started without the use of any type of oils or heavy products, so your locks will be free from dust particles and the pores of your scalp will not be clogged!
  • TwistyLocks small sizes make it easier to create fashionable styles, such as spiral sets, creative braiding styles, flat twists, up-do’s and much more!
  • TwistyLocks can be started with long, short or relaxed hair. Yes relaxed hair too! Your relaxed hair does not have to be cut off, but you must have 2 inches or more of new growth that has not been relaxed.
  • TwistyLocks have the total package. You will be able to create a variety of styles; plus you can maintain a neat, professional appearance.
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